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Wrangler Jayne’s Relaxed Riding Vol. 1

Wrangler Jayne’s Horsemanship With Heart Program now includes a 3 DVD set on riding. In this set Jayne introduces the foundation skills in the saddle, bareback and without a bit. She gives you detailed practical instruction that will build your confidence and help you be a gentler communicator.

This DVD set is a continuation of the Horsemanship with Heart Essentials 1,2 & 3 series on groundwork, and like them is very professionally presented.
Jayne’s in depth instruction is enhanced by demonstrating herself, then shows how she teaches a student to do the same on a different horse.

The filming and sound quality is excellent and as she talks through everything so thoroughly, you could even play the DVD in your laptop near the arena – it would be almost the same as having Jayne right there with you!
Her enthusiastic style keeps you interested through over 3 hours of instruction – it’s probably best to watch one DVD then practice, before going onto the next one.

Topics covered include polite saddling, mounting, getting moving, turning, stopping, yields, backup, riding through poles and along the fence. For just $79 this 3 DVD set represents excellent value for money and definitely one for those wanting a good start in riding their horse naturally and bitless.

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