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Zen Connection With Horses

By Jenny Pearce

BookZenConnection“Zen Connection with Horses” is a book and CD combination with a world first method of delivery.
The book, with its powerful and emotional insights, gives all the information in an easy 122 page read, and the audio CD supports the person with eight simple lessons.
Just load it onto your MP3 player and you have Jenny’s calm soothing voice taking you step by step through discovering your particular talent for communicating with your horses mind.
…. And then step by step, how to use that communication to get results with your horse that will blow your mind.

Jenny says “Some of the things people have experienced with this extraordinary communication have been practical achievements like riders dancing with their horses in just days, or a rider becoming a better rider, or a “problem”, even dangerous horse co-operating kindly and happily.
Others have been emotional achievements where a frightened horse or a frightened person has found a freedom from fear.
One of my most beautiful clinic experiences was being privileged to help a wonderful guy who was beating up on his horses discover how to get a handle on his rage.”

In the book’s introduction Jenny sets the scene for learning this way of communicating by telling of her experiences as a clinician.
“I’ve come to a theory that we all come into horses because we are yearning for the connection with this amazing creature. And that we go hunting for that connection in all sorts of ways, from racing them, to keeping miniatures in the back yard and everything in between.
It’s a connection that is sooo… satisfying to your soul when you get it. And that’s where this book comes in. It’s a road to an amazing practical and spiritual connection with your horse and a simple foundation that you can use wherever and however you want – into any discipline, any sort of riding. It’s a road to any sort of connection with The Horse, whether it’s the racehorse that
you part own, the much loved pet or that horse you admire or even yearn for down the road.”

“Zen Connection with Horses” is available from the Natural Horse World Store and will be released as an E Book in the near future.

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