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ZipPay is a digital wallet that allows you to spend up to $1,000 interest-free with no hidden fees and your choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

We now accept this payment option for all products in the Natural Horse World Store – just select the option at checkout and follow the prompts to sign up for a ZipPay account – it’s quick and easy.
Don’t wait any longer – enjoy your products while paying them off, interest-free.

Find out more about ZipPay here. 

New Products

Haysaver 4cm/60ply Super Tuff Net Haysaver Super Tuff Nets are here! 

Due to popular demand, our green Haysaver SuperTuff nets are now made to last from durable, pre-stretched UV stabilised, heavy duty 60 ply polyethylene netting.

They have a much better chance of withstanding net ‘biters’, ‘pullers’ and ‘destroyers’!

We switched to the 60ply netting for the 6cm hole size nets a while back and found this to be more durable for horses that were hard on nets. So it made sense to also offer the 4cm hole size nets in 60 ply netting.

Haysaver 4cm/48ply Tuff Hay NetWhile the Tuff 48ply nets withstand some pretty prolonged and harsh treatment (mine have been going for 5+ years now), the 60 ply nets should last even longer and minimise or even eliminate the need for repairs.

They do cost a few dollars more than the 48ply 4cm nets but could be worth it for those ‘tough on nets’ animals!

Have a look at them here.

Christmas PresentsCynthia’s Gift Guide

My store has so many affordable and practical gifts to make any horse lover’s Christmas special.
Knowing how busy we are at this time of year I’ve listed gift ideas by value to help you find the perfect ‘horsey’ present.

Click on each item to go directly to my store which is very easy to navigate and has a super secure checkout with the payment options of credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Paypal or Direct Deposit (Australian customers only).

All prices are in Australian dollars – to see them in your currency click on the AUD arrow in the top menu bar of the store.

For those who love to give their recipient a choice, consider a Gift Voucher – priced from $50 to $250.

The LightRider Natural Rope Bitless Bridle is the most versatile and comfortable for your horse.

$100 and under Gifts: 

LightRider Synthetic Bareback Pad – $99

SmartRider Safety Stirrups – $99

LightRider Rope Natural Bitless Bridle – $99

LightRider Treeless Saddle Pad – $89

Button Knot Rope Reins – $75

Radius Rasp 2 Pro – $65

LightRider Bitless Nosebands – $55 to $59

Cotton,  Biothane  or Split Rope Reins – $49 to $59

The Complete Horse Herbal Book – $54.95

HandsOn Gloves nodules give your animal the best massage while loosening hair.

$50 and Under Gifts: 

Gone Insect Protection Collar – $44

HandsOn Grooming Gloves – $39

Hoofworks Book on CD – $39

Laminitis Book or Through The Eyes of The Horse – $39

EasyClean Girth – $29

Haysaver and Greedy Steed Nets – from $25

Supersoft Ropes – $37 to $39

Rope or Leather Reins – $29 to $39

Pet Hair Removal Comb – $29

Natural Horse World Cap.
Shade yourself in style with this cotton peaked Natural Horse World cap.

$25 and under Gifts: 

Diamante Browband  – $25

Extendable Slick Stick – $25

Supersoft Rope Halter – $25

Stablehand Haynet Filler – $24.95

Supersoft 6′ String – $17

Revealing Your Hidden Horse Book – $19.95

Tear Mender – $14.95 to $25

Natural Horse World Cap – $16.95 

Bale Buddy Hay Carry Bag – $14.95

Gone Insect Repellent Products – $6.95 to $19

Xmas shipping cut-off times

For the best chance to get your order delivered before Christmas, here are the recommended last ordering dates.

1978 Royal Mail Poster advising on Christmas posting dates.

Australia – Regular post: Wednesday 13th December
Australia – Express Post: Monday 18th December

New Zealand Regular Airmail/Pack & Track: Thursday 8th December
New Zealand Express Courier: Friday 15th December

Canada – Express Courier only: Thursday the 7th December
All Others: Airmail/Pack & Track: Tuesday 5th December
All Others: Express Courier: Tuesday 12th December

While we will do our utmost to get your products shipped on time, we can’t guarantee they will arrive in time once they are out of our hands.

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