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Orphan Foals

Raising Rory

by Jenny Eddington Almost a month ago as I write this a brave aged Connemara mare died when her foal was born. As she had no colostrum to be given to the colt foal we were very grateful to a though bred stud that was able to supply enough frozen for the first 24 hours.

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Orphan Foals Part 2

By Cynthia Cooper When you are faced with an orphan or rejected foal, the best solution for the foal long term is to have it accepted by its dam or a foster mare. Raising an orphan by bucket feeding is less than ideal as they quickly become over-humanised and often miss out on the socialisation

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Orphan Foals

By Cynthia Cooper The dream of breeding and raising your own foal can very quickly become shattered when you are faced with an orphan foal. Whether the foal is orphaned through the mare’s death or rejection by the mare, the focus must be on keeping that foal alive for the first week or so, and

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