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The following posts will assist you to care for your horse in a more natural way, along with those in the topics listed in the drop down menu.

Drought Strategies To Help Your Horses - Drought is hard on you, your horse and your pocket so knowing how to make life more comfortable during such a depressing time helps a lot. The three main issues to be addressed are: 1. Feed, 2. Water and 3. Pasture/Property Management. Feed is obviously the biggest issue and as it becomes scarce whether on the [...]
Summer Horse Keeping Tips - Before you go away on holidays (and hopefully arrange for someone to look after your horses), here are some things to consider for your horse’s comfort and well being during the hotter months. Access to shade and fresh water at all times: These are basic necessesities no horse should be deprived of but sadly many [...]
Horse Rug Heating Facts - by Dave MacDonald When you put your hand under a rug on a horse standing still it should NEVER feel toasty warm. This is a misconception. It should feel more on the coolish side. The temperature you are used to feeling under the blanket is too hot for a healthy horse. Why? Because a horse’s [...]
Responsible Rugging Tips - I generally don’t recommend rugging a horse. However, there are times when due to lack of shelter or many days of constant rain and wind, you may choose to provide cover for your horse. Here are some tips to help keep your horse safe and comfortable if you need to use a rug. Select the [...]
Should I rug/blanket my horse or not? - by Cynthia Cooper Rugging or blanketing horses is usually something that makes US feel a lot better, especially when its cold, wet and we see our horse shivering. Keep in mind that horses have survived for millions of years without the need for man-made rugs to protect them from the weather. They have the wonderful [...]

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