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This wound was healed successfully with honey.
This wound was healed successfully with honey.

Horses will always present us with health problems so the following natural health care articles will help you treat some common conditions using natural, cost effective therapies.

Remember to always seek veterinary advice or diagnosis first before applying your own treatment, and/or consult an alternative therapist to guide you.

You will find more natural therapies outlined on the Alternative Therapies page and advice on worming which should be part of every health care program on this page.

Health care Articles

Teeth Check Time - One of the few things horses and humans have in common is the need for annual check up with the dentist. In days gone by the farrier also practiced horse dentistry so it was easy to slot in a quick check of the teeth when he visited on a regular basis. But now horse dentistry […]
Heel wound healed with honey - When my quarter horse mare injured her heel (probably from a wire cut) it wasn’t possible to stitch this constantly moving and flexing part, so here’s the treatment process I followed to completely heal this wound. Honey treatment started 2 days after the initial treatment with hydrogen peroxide to flush it clean twice daily as […]
Leg wound Healed with Honey - This foal fell over a fence and tore the skin, leaving a wound difficult to stitch. With the application of honey under a bandage fro the first 10 days, then without the bandage, it healed nicely. Arabian foal’s foreleg wound day 2 (left), then one week after being bandaged with honey (right). The would has […]
THE HEALING POWER OF HONEY on Severe Wounds - by Cynthia Cooper I’m always looking for natural alternatives when it comes to treating horses and I believe they can work well in conjunction with modern medicine. A while ago now, I had a yearling filly (Ruby) badly injured from wire cuts. She had severed the flexor (front) tendons on her off fore and near […]
Stringhalt in horses - In Australia, stringhalt in horses is commonly seen in summer and autumn as drought-stressed pastures are overtaken with weeds such as false Dandelion (also known as Catsear or Flatweed) and Capeweed. Toxins from these weeds affect the nervous system resulting in an exaggerated high stepping action in one or both hind legs. In mild cases, […]
Teeth Troubles and a Positive Outcome by Vanessa McDonald - I have owned Missy now for five years. The sad truth is that during those five years I have not got her teeth done. It was not meant to be neglect! I thought I was doing her a favour, protecting her from the stress of a dentist visit. Missy was given to me as an […]
Mud Fever/Greasy Heel Treatment Tips - Mud Fever or greasy heel affects the lower limbs of our equine friends and may cause pain and swelling that is accompanied with crusty scabs of varying sizes. In serious cases, the horse may become lame and the whole leg seriously swollen and infected. WHAT CAUSES IT? Mud fever was thought to be caused by […]
First Aid Kit for Horses - by Cynthia Cooper I’m a big believer in being prepared and forewarned so apart from a fully stocked first aid kit, it’s important to have some good books on veterinary care. One of the best I’ve read is All Horse Systems Go by Nancy Loving DVM, available from . Another book she has co-authored […]

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