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Leg wound Healed with Honey

This foal fell over a fence and tore the skin, leaving a wound difficult to stitch. With the application of honey under a bandage fro the first 10 days, then without the bandage, it healed nicely. Arabian foal’s foreleg wound day 2 (left), then one week after being bandaged with honey (right). The would has […]


by Cynthia Cooper I’m always looking for natural alternatives when it comes to treating horses and I believe they can work well in conjunction with modern medicine. A while ago now, I had a yearling filly (Ruby) badly injured from wire cuts. She had severed the flexor (front) tendons on her off fore and near […]

Honey for healing wounds

More than 4,000 years after Egyptians began applying honey to wounds, it is now being sold for regular wound care all over the world. Called Medihoney, it is made from a highly absorbent seaweed-based material, saturated with manuka honey, a particularly potent type that experts say kills germs and speeds healing. Also called Leptospermum honey, […]

Product News

New Product. Equine Shield Wound Gel from Roseneath Organics. I have been testing this product for a month now with an excellent result. Fantasy has inherited her mum’s deep heel bulbs that had become infected with thrush/canker and I’d tried many different treatments (Manuka Honey, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula, Hypericum and more) with no success. As […]

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