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Minerals, vitamins and supplements

Minerals can be one of the most confusing aspects of feeding horses. How do you know which ones to use? Or which brands are best, or even if your horse needs them? Here are some reasons for feeding supplements: 1. The pasture/hay might not be providing the right balance of minerals or enough to keep […]

How magnesium can help your equine cope with spring grass.

In the spring when the grass is growing faster due to an increase in rain, sunshine and sometimes fertiliser, it produces excess potassium. Potassium slows the uptake of magnesium which horses have a limited ability to store. Magnesium uptake can be aided by the presence of sodium which is why it’s important to have a […]

Your Horse is what it Eats

by Cynthia Cooper Horses evolved to eat small amounts of grasses, herbs and minerals almost constantly throughout the day. They covered many miles to reach water and lived in small herds of varied ages and sexes. Does this sound like the modern horse? Not really – their involvement with humans has necessitated their restriction and […]

Stringhalt in horses

In Australia, stringhalt in horses is commonly seen in summer and autumn as drought-stressed pastures are overtaken with weeds such as false Dandelion (also known as Catsear or Flatweed) and Capeweed. Toxins from these weeds affect the nervous system resulting in an exaggerated high stepping action in one or both hind legs. In mild cases, […]

Hay Feeders = less gorging and waste

While doing a spot of web surfing, I found the site of Swedish hoof trimmer, Ove Lind who has put together an interesting selection of hay feeding options to enable 24/7 hay and to reduce gorging and wastage. He says “I have found that as long as there is a limited supply of hay the […]

Drought Strategies To Help Your Horses

Drought is hard on you, your horse and your pocket so knowing how to make life more comfortable during such a depressing time helps a lot. The three main issues to be addressed are: 1. Feed, 2. Water and 3. Pasture/Property Management. Feed is obviously the biggest issue and as it becomes scarce whether on the […]

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