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Accupressure is an alternative therapy you can learn to do yourself, and is useful to assist many types of injuries.
Accupressure is an alternative therapy you can learn to do yourself, and is useful to assist many types of injuries.

With so many alternative therapies to choose from, it is important to know how they work so you can select the best option and therapist for your horse.

Remember these therapies are not intended to replace veterinary diagnosis or treatment.
It is very important to get a correct diagnosis from a veterinarian (and possibly a second or third opinion) before you enlist the assistance of an alternative therapist or apply a treatment yourself.

Always check with your veterinarian that it’s appropriate to use additional therapies for the condition (and stage of treatment) you are treating as some things cannot be used when the horse is on certain drugs.
Most qualified alternative therapists will also be able to advise when you can use their treatment in conjunction with traditional therapy and/or surgeries.

Alternative & Natural Therapies

Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System (SCIO) - The 21st Century has brought with it an environment that is highly polluted and a western lifestyle that is highly complicated. Our bodies are becoming less able to deal with the stress of living under such pressures, and often reacts with vague conditions such as poor immune systems, depression, emotional imbalances, insomnia, behavioural issues, aches/pains, […]
Natural Treatments – Reiki - Reiki is an ancient ‘hands on’ healing energy that promotes a natural healing in all living things. It is medically proven and can reduce anxiety and restore the animal’s natural balance physically, emotionally and mentally. Recently I met Dianne from Animal Magic, who is a level 2 Reiki practitioner with seven years of experience, practicing […]
Photonic Light Therapy – How does it work? - The session will start with a machine called a BioFind. The BioFind is a innovative, one-of-a-kind tool for scanning the horse’s entire body. Whenever living tissue is damaged or injured there is a change in the electrical resistance in the tissue relative to the immediate area. The BioFind locates these areas by reading the variances […]
Honey for healing wounds - More than 4,000 years after Egyptians began applying honey to wounds, it is now being sold for regular wound care all over the world. Called Medihoney, it is made from a highly absorbent seaweed-based material, saturated with manuka honey, a particularly potent type that experts say kills germs and speeds healing. Also called Leptospermum honey, […]
Herbal Medicine For Horses - by Les Rees Les Rees is a qualified practitioner of Natural Medicine for Horses and has opened a practice here in Tasmania. She is particularly interested in stress related disease in horses and wrote her final assessment thesis on the subject. Stress can cause a lot of physiological symptoms which, if left untreated can perpetuate […]
Flower Essences for People and Pets - Flower essences (remedies) are natural remedies that address negative emotions, sometimes physical ailments, and help to bring about a more positive mind-set. The healing properties of flower essences are made possible through the life force, vibration of the flowers used. The life force of different flowers are “in tune” with different emotions with flower essences […]
Equine Tension Release Therapy ( ETRT ) - by Nola Cooke ETRT is a treatment which aims to secure long-lasting relief from mobilisation difficulties in horses. Such difficulties can present in many different ways from purely musculo-skeletal to the purely behavioural. However the problem presents, it is usually pain based, and, in most if not all cases, it is human induced; albeit, often […]
Cranio Sacral Therapy - There are so many types of alternative therapies available to help heal our horses. Each month I will feature one in detail to help readers make an appropriate choice when looking for therapies to support traditional veterinary medicine. Always seek a veterinary opinion if your horse appears ill in any way. What is CranioSacral Work? […]
Bowen Therapy - What is the Bowen Technique? The Bowen technique is a gentle remedial therapy which stimulates the body to rebalance itself and promotes healing, pain relief and recovery of energy. How did it get its name? Tom Bowen was born in 1916 in Brunswick, Australia. He treated the aches and pains of the people with whom […]
Applied Zoopharmacognosy - Applied Zoopharmacognosy and Horses The first thing most people ask is how to pronounce Zoopharmacognosy quickly followed by what does it mean. The word is a composite of the ancient Greek words for animal (zoo), medicine (pharma) and knowing (cognosy). The term refers to the process by which animals self medicate in the wild. It […]
Accupressure - Focus For Training: An Acupressure Approach By Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis, Authors of Equine Acupressure: A Working Manual We are all so busy these days, even our horses are busy. They sense our state of mind and feel our stress level sometimes making it difficult to attain the right level of synchronicity for a […]
Health News - Australian Horses Battling Unusual Neurological Disease The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is warning Australian horse owners to take precautions against mosquito-borne disease as veterinarians report a growing number of horses with unusual neurological signs in New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, and South Australia. “These cases are still under investigation; however, they may result from infection with a mosquito-borne virus […]

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