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Restricting Forage is Incredibly Stressful

By Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. Choose a different method to help your horse lose weight Stress = Obesity. That’s right. Stress is keeping your horse fat. And the main source of stress for most horses? Restricting forage. The very thing most people do to try to help their horse lose weight actually causes the same […]

You are training when feeding

You may not have ever thought of it this way, but every time you feed your horses, you are either training them or reinforcing that training. It’s also a great way to train new behaviours and leaves your horse respectful around feed and keen to offer you something to get their feed. Or, you can […]

Over Feeding and Over Weight Equines

Learn more about the dangers of over-feeding your horse and how to tell if your equines are over-weight. Click this link to Fran Jurga’s Hoofblog to read more about how we inadvertently overfeed our horses, with cases of laminitis rising as a consequence. The videos are each about 7-9 minutes long and well worth taking […]

Feeding Frenzy

With winter approaching and the drought conditions we’ve recently experienced in some areas, hand feeding our horses becomes necessary. Here’s a few tips and tricks that can make it safe for you and fun for your horse during this daily interaction. In fact playing games at feeding time is vital to maintaining or gaining ‘alpha’ […]

Making the Feed Go Further

by Cynthia Cooper With many parts of the world affected by weather exremes, feed for horses is getting more expensive and less readily available, so it makes sense to stretch what you can get as far as possible. So how do we do that without compromising our horse’s health and well being? It’s a question […]

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