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More Interesting Challenges

As your horsemanship skills improve, it will benefit you and your horse to find ways of putting things into practice by playing with more obstacles and challenges. Below are some ideas photographed at various fun days and tournaments. Before trying the advanced versions such as at liberty or bareback/bridle-less, try them online and with headgear/saddle on […]

Tasks featured at the Agfest Challenge Tournament

The idea of this event is to have fun and complete as many of the challenges as you can in the allotted time. The total time is 30 minutes and each task successfully completed scores 5 points. You will be able to add 5 extra points for every additional part of a task marked with […]

Finding Challenges around Your Farm

Many properties will have natural obstacles that can develop your ground skills, and turn tasks into fun. Just be sure to asses them thoroughly for safety first by checking for sharp areas, things that could snag a rope or small spaces a horse could trap a hoof. Kristen and Snowy discovered many interesting things to play with […]

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