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Educating My Horses

by Cynthia Cooper Over the many years of being a student of the horse, pony club, Parelli, horse psychology, clicker training and many other great horsemen and women, I have learned a lot. In fact I’m a ‘learn-a-holic’! Learning is something I will continue to do until the day I die! When it comes to […]

The Plight of Ponies By Vanessa

At an agricultural field day, I came across a small metal pen housing cute young miniature ponies. Three of them were in a tiny pen and as I got closer I saw they were all for sale. They were grumpy and bored and occasionally one would be aggressive to the other. When they were taken […]

Travelling by boat to Flinders Island

by Cynthia Cooper Have you ever thought how would your horse cope if it had to be transported by boat….in a ‘bull crate’? A bull crate is something like a single horse box but with big metal bars overhead that are quite low – the average horse would need to keep its head low to […]

There’s more to Trailer Training than just Loading.

For many people, just getting their horse on the trailer is a struggle and when you finally do, it feels like the battle has been won. And because we are human and direct line thinkers, all we want to do is get that horse on and go somewhere which is probably the last thing the […]

Changing Tack Will Reduce Cruelty to Horses

Poor thing with rugs

How many people have you seen take out their anger and frustration on their horse/dog/partner? We’ve probably all been guilty of it at some time or other, I know I have in the past but like to think I have learned more patience and self control through the study of natural horsemanship which enables me […]

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