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Colic, a horse Owners Worst Nightmare! By Mandy Cooling I wanted to share my story, as it might help in some way if this horrible experience was to happen to you and your horse. I came home at lunchtime and went out to feed the horses some hay and my thoroughbred was acting a bit …

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Grass and Clover issues

Why you should avoid too much clover/red clover in a horse’s pasture/hay. Clovers can be associated with less common conditions in horses such as photosensitivity and liver disease. The specific toxins that cause these conditions have not yet been identified and are hypothesized to be either mycotoxins or secondary plant metabolites that are produced only …

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Weaning problems in horses

Traditional Weaning practices can result in behavioral and social problems. Hearing of horses with social issues – usually, aggression towards other horses has widened my search for proof that these problems can be caused by traditional weaning practices. For years now, I have seen the difference in my own horses by weaning them close to …

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Australian Horses Battling Unusual Neurological Disease The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is warning Australian horse owners to take precautions against mosquito-borne disease as veterinarians report a growing number of horses with unusual neurological signs in New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, and South Australia. “These cases are still under investigation; however, they may result from infection with a mosquito-borne virus …

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