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How to Avoid Laminitis

Sub clinical laminitis hoof rings.

The two most dangerous times for laminitis are in the spring and autumn, depending on where you live. Cooler climates and high altitudes can increase the potential for laminitis as the day and night temperatures fluctuate, along with the amount of sunlight and daylight hours. For example, if you live in the southern states of Australia, northern […]

What’s the truth about laminitis?

by Annemaree Woodward © When one of my donkeys, Sergeant Pepper, succumbed to laminitis in the spring of 2006, I was shocked. Although I’ve kept donkeys for 30 years, I’d always been told donkeys don’t get laminitis – fallacy number one. I’ve spent time with horses since my early childhood. The Welsh pony that taught […]

Using homeopathic’s to help acute laminitis – Pippin’s story by Kaya.

I went away for a few days to visit a friend, so had to ‘leave’ my ponies in the paddock 24/7. Normally they are on ‘their’ PP Track 18 hours per day and 6 hours in the Candy Shop (green grass), to limit their green grass intake. I had no one to look after them, […]

All Equines Are Prone To Laminitis

Sub clinical laminitis hoof rings.

There are only two kinds of horses…. those that have laminitis and those that could someday get it! So what is laminitis and how do horses get it? Put simply, laminits is the inflamation of the sensitive laminar corium in the hoof, causing a breakdown of the bond between the hoof wall and the coffin […]

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