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Comfort Zones – what are they?

by Cynthia Cooper Comfort zones are a survival mechanism for horses. If they aren’t familiar with something they become wary, putting them just outside their comfort zone into a ‘not too sure’ zone. When they become truly afraid for their survival, they go into their ‘Oh no I’m in danger’ zone where they act instinctively without […]

Horsonality – an insight into Equine Behaviour

E Book by Andy Beck. If you wanted just one book on horse behaviour this is the one! And it covers more than behaviour as such – it goes into how our choices regarding the way horses are kept, fed and ridden, affects their behaviour. Andy raises many questions and while showing how he feels horses prefer […]

A Natural Breeding Experience

MY COLT’S FIRST MARE by Cynthia Cooper Although I’ve been breeding horses for over 33 years,  witnessing my arab colt’s first sexual encounter with a mare was a very special time for me. It was an enthralling study in horse behaviour and really showed me how a stallion courts a mare….naturally. Finn is almost two […]

Lets be Friends First

While most people would like to think they are friends with their horse, and many know that being friendly with your horse is the first step in any horsemanship program, few realise just how far you can develop that friendship. One horsemanship program that bases its philosophy on the unique bonds horses form with each […]

Book and website

Horse Watch – What it is to Be Equine by Marthe Kiley-Worthington This would have to be the best book on Equine Ethology I’ve ever read. And that is simply because the author constantly references her own herd of arabian horses that she has studied extensively over a 20 year period. The scientific discussion and […]

Weaning problems in horses

Traditional Weaning practices can result in behavioral and social problems. Hearing of horses with social issues – usually, aggression towards other horses has widened my search for proof that these problems can be caused by traditional weaning practices. For years now, I have seen the difference in my own horses by weaning them close to […]

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