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Horse Watch – What it is to Be Equine by Marthe Kiley-Worthington

This would have to be the best book on Equine Ethology I’ve ever read. And that is simply because the author constantly references her own herd of arabian horses that she has studied extensively over a 20 year period. The scientific discussion and terminology is almost always explained with examples of real-life situations to make this a very interesting book as we get an in depth view of  equine behavior.

By looking at the world from an equine point of view it is possible to improve relations with out equine companions and fulfill their fundamental needs. So often, by simply owning a horse, the owner unwittingly deprives it of a good life. Marthe Kiley-Worthington doesn’t claim to know all about equines but her observations and findings will cause every horse owner that reads this book to reconsider the way they keep and train their horses. It provides fascinating, challenging and valuable information.
The 450 + pages are frequently supplemented with colour photos and diagrams along with an excellent index and list of references.

You can purchase this book from Dr Kiley-Worthington’s website here. In the near future it will also be available from the Natural Horse World Store.

During my correspondence with Marthe, she asked me to include this wonderful opportunity below:

“We have a scholarship available for a 1 year studentship for our diploma, learning about horse behaviour, welfare, equine educational psychology and equitation (a combination of the best of european classical and natural horsemenships, and up to Grand Prix level horses), all the nutritional considerations etc.”
Contact Dr M Kiley-Worthington, Centre d’eo etho recherche et education, La Combe, Bezaudun sur Bine, 264609 Drome. France. tel 0475532027

Website News:

Natural Horse Friendship offers new training techniques and a new philosophy of invitation and reward as opposed to pressure and release. Much like we treat our friends, the philosophy is to make it exiting and rewarding for the horse to participate in innovative games and exercises. Site experts, Liz Mitten Ryan, Carolyn Resnick, Margrit Coates, Karen Murdock and Lukas, Karen Sussman of The International Society for Protection of Mustangs and Burros, offer Videos, Tutorials, Blog, Radio shows, pictures and stories.

Members are invited to blog and share videos, stories, participate in tutorials and share questions and insights as well.

Sunday, May 22 at 10:00 am PST, is the first radio show with Carolyn Resnick, Karen Murdock and Lukas (the World’s Smartest Horse) with Liz Mitten Ryan and the Herd (link on the Radio page). We will be discussing our Essential Training Philosophy at: (scroll down the Home and Tour pages to see site details).


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