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Comfort Zones – what are they?

by Cynthia Cooper Comfort zones are a survival mechanism for horses. If they aren’t familiar with something they become wary, putting them just outside their comfort zone into a ‘not too sure’ zone. When they become truly afraid for their survival, they go into their ‘Oh no I’m in danger’ zone where they act instinctively without […]

Educating My Horses

by Cynthia Cooper Over the many years of being a student of the horse, pony club, Parelli, horse psychology, clicker training and many other great horsemen and women, I have learned a lot. In fact I’m a ‘learn-a-holic’! Learning is something I will continue to do until the day I die! When it comes to […]

How Can I learn Better Horsemanship?

The first way is to become a student of the horse. Learn to observe, learn to read horse body language and then listen to what your horse is trying to tell you. Always ask yourself are you doing this FOR the horse or TO the horse. Read a lot (especially the books listed here), watch […]

Stallions need clear boundaries

by Cynthia Cooper © Stallions need clear boundaries A highlight of my time in South Africa was being asked to play with a 5 year old Friesian stallion called Zander who had only recently been purchased by Carl Bronner. Zander was quite a cruisy character but like most young horses in a new environment, he […]

Foal Training – The Positive Way

Foal training is such an important beginning to your foal’s future and good training will establish a relationship while also teaching your foal the basics to cope with the domestic life of a horse. Since my training using positive reinforcement has been so successful with my older horses, I now training my foals that way. […]

Bitless Riding Differences

Is bitless riding the same as with a bit? When riding with a bitless bridle, there are some perceived, and a couple of real differences to riding with a bit that will help with your transition and training. Confident riders and well educated horses who have a good basic foundation generally won’t have a problem […]

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