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Paul Dufresne

Teaching in the Way of The horse

I came across this excellent article about developing courage in the horse. It is written by  Paul Dufresne , who says “Developing a trusting relationship with your horse by proving that you are a safe leader will help you to overcome situations where your horse may become fearful.
I have been teaching people to train and relate to their own horses for years on a much less commercial route than most. My horse passion has brought me to teaching an interesting blend of Natural Horsemanship, Circensic Dressage (Classical Dressage/Trick Training), Reining (Vaquera/Western), and Liberty.”

Horse Sense and Cents is a blog  by author and horse trainer, Nanette Levin who says “the focus of Horse Sense and Cents™ is to provide people with useful information to help them create better, customized approaches designed to build a better future for the humans and horses in the mix.”
An entry I found interesting has a discussion on Horses, round pens and natural horsemanship.

Mel Fleming Articles

Mel is a talented instructor and has some great article on her website. This one on ‘Getting Respect’ is one of my favourites.

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