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Equine Tension Release Therapy ( ETRT )

by Nola Cooke

ETRT is a treatment which aims to secure long-lasting relief from mobilisation difficulties in horses.
Such difficulties can present in many different ways from purely musculo-skeletal to the purely behavioural.
However the problem presents, it is usually pain based, and, in most if not all cases, it is human induced; albeit, often unknowingly so, or unintentionally.

The holding patterns in horses that result from traumas, physical or otherwise, can be established at any age, and for a great variety of reasons.
Sometimes the pain is real “here and now” pain, or pain that is remembered or expected by the horse, either in a general sense or in a locational, rider/trainer, equipment/tack, or circumstance-specific sense.
Part of an ETRT treatment looks for the cause of the horses’ tension. Common problem areas are; feet being out of balance, teeth in need of attention, poorly fitting saddles and stiffness in riders.

Equine Tension Release Therapy was developed in Victoria by Alistair Brooks, who has treated over 3000 horses in Australia and overseas.
He treats Olympic horses down to “paddock potatoes”!
The therapy is his translation of Bowen and other treatments such as Shiatsu and acupuncture, which have been used on humans and animals in Asia over the last 5000 years.
I feel privileged to have trained under Alistair and qualified t practice ETRT.

The treatment involves making moves with my hands across the muscles at specific points, which ‘triggers’ the release of muscle spasm.
The whole horse is treated (in most cases), from his poll to the tip of his tail and down to the hooves.
This form of gentle, holistic health care can and does relax and restore the natural energy balance of the horse.
Releasing the muscle tension initiates the healing process by the horse, allowing the pent up energy to once again circulate through the body, thereby revitalising the entire horse, including the internal organs.

For more information or to book your horse in for a treatment in Tasmania or QLD ( which can include a complimentary human treatment) please call: Nola Cooke 0407 27 33 77.

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