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Hoofworks: Barefoot Basics

Peter Laidley was one of my very first hoof trimming mentors, and instilled some good attitudes and trim techniques that I practice to this day. He is know as the ‘gentle hoof bloke’ and has a lovely way of working with horses as he trims and teaches in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and South Africa. The […]

Through The Eyes Of The Horse by Carlos Tabernaberri

This is a little book that’s big on wisdom. Packed into its 144 pages are all of Carlos’ philosophies on horses which for me rang true, he has written from the heart and from the horse’s perspective. Everything he teaches is for the benefit of the horse and ultimately the human who needs to become […]

Zen Connection With Horses

By Jenny Pearce “Zen Connection with Horses” is a book and CD combination with a world first method of delivery. The book, with its powerful and emotional insights, gives all the information in an easy 122 page read, and the audio CD supports the person with eight simple lessons. Just load it onto your MP3 […]

One With the Herd – A Spiritual Journey

by Liz Mitten-Ryan This is one truly inspirational book full of beautiful photos and paintings by the author. Liz Mitten-Ryan lives a life with her horses many (and definately me) would be envious of. On 320 acres in the big sky country of British Columbia, Liz and her family of people, horses, dogs and cats […]

Let Horses Be Horses – the Horse Owners Guide to Ethical Training and Management

by Lesley Skipper. Published in 2005, this 244 page hard cover book with lots of descriptive photos is a must read. Author, Lesley Skipper questions everything we do with horses in a constructive way, dispelling many myths with her thorough research and practical knowledge of horse care, breeding, training and psychology. She argues her point […]

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