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Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care

by Lisa Ross-Williams

down-to-earthAt last – an extensive resource for natural horse keeping! This recently published book is an all-inclusive guide with easy to implement ‘natural’ suggestions for a healthy body and mind..

Although this book is written from the experiences of an Americal horse owner, the information is entirely relevent to horses anywhere in the world.
Author, Lisa Ross- Williams is a natural horse care consultant and host of the ‘If Your Horse Could Talk’ webcast, associate editor of Natural Horse Magazine and the creator of Equispirit Toys & Tools for horses.

Lisa’s writing comes direct from the experience of rehabilitating and raising a varied selection of equines who’s stories enhance the book, and two chapters are co-written with her husband and professional hoof trimmer and body worker, Kenny Williams. With Lisa’s qualifications in homeopathy, Reiki and Equine Iridology plus the the study of natural horsemanship since 1997, her knowledge of holistic horse care has been shared with thousands of horse lovers since 1998.

I found her writing style easy to understand and the detailed information well supported with colour photos and diagrams. Although it would have been nice to see some of the photos reproduced in a larger size, I can understand the constraints of the cost of publishing and keeping the book affordable for all.

Overall, this book is a great starting point and on-going reference for any horse owner to give their horses a natural and holistic lifestyle.

The main elements of a natural horse care approach included in this book are:

  • Environment which consists of a horse’s natural living area, with a herd or companion, allowing them to adapt to environmental changes naturally, and special seasonal considerations.
  • Nutrition/Feeding; formulating a species appropriate way of feeding, beneficial natural sources for feedstuffs, reading feed labels, special considerations for metabolically challenged horses and equine dentistry.
  • Equine health covering special needs of young and
    senior horses, parasite control, sand colic, what manure can tell you, traveling with your horse and how to be a great client for your equine veterinarian.
  • Natural hoof care. Why barefoot hooves are healthy, drawbacks of shoeing, barefoot basics, how to find a natural trimmer and dealing with laminitis naturally.
  • Complementary care options; homeopathy, essential oils, flower essences, iridology and alternatives to chemical use.
  • Natural horsemanship basics and building communication, trust and fun.

199 pages, paperback with colour photos. Available from the Natural Horse World Store.

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