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The Art of Horsemanship: Xenephon and other classical writers

by Dr. Ann Nyland

This is a new english translation by Dr. Nyland who is a classical greek scholar at the University of New England, Australia. Xenephon was an ancient Greek soldier who lived from around 430-354 BC. His ‘Art of Horsemanship’ is his work on selecting and educating horses when there were no iron shoes or treed saddles (sadly bits were already in use).
His writings document the simple philosophies we could all do to remember, and he is known as one of the first ‘natural’ horsemen who was gentle in his ways.
He wrote about 40 books in all.
I found it an interesting read – showing where horsemanship came from in relation to the use of horses for war primarily, and how Xenephon’s observations of horses caused him to develop a skilled and respectful method of training.

You can purchase The Art of Horsemanship from the for $25 plus postage.

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