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The world of natural hoof care just a bit more colorful! The Horse’s Hoof magazine dedicated to all things barefoot is sporting a fancy new look. For those of you not familiar with the magazine, The Horse’s Hoof has been a primary source of information in the barefoot industry for over a decade. The magazine is edited and published by barefoot enthusiasts Yvonne Welz along with her husband, natural hoof care practitioner James.

The magazine has had a complete design makeover from its previously more newsletter feel to the new all-color glossy magazine.

Some highlights of this first thirty-two page, color issue are as follows:
Summer Issue 43:

  • -What To Expect from a Natural Trimmer
  • -High Desert Horses on Middle Tennessee Grasses, Part One (Learning How to Let Horses Graze Safely) by Joe Camp
  • -Black Holes and Other Hoofwall Invasions
  • -Who is America’s Favorite (Barefoot) Trail Horse?
  • -The Welz Paradigm of the Hoof
  • -A Very Special Welsh Pony (Split-Toed Hoof!)
  • -Journal of a Student Equine Podiatrist, Part 3
  • -Why Should We Worry About those Heel Cracks?
  • -Barefoot Trimmer Wins UK National Award!
  • -Barefoot News: Team Barefoot Spirit Award!; Vaclav Vydra: Barefoot in the Czech Republic; Infrared Thermographic Imaging Hoof Study; All-Barefoot Winnipeg Mounted Patrol; What about those Donkey Hooves?

Whether you are a hoof care professional or backyard horse owner, his magazine is truly a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about natural hoof care. If you are not currently subscribing and would like to find out more visit

What to Expect when your horse goes barefoot

Going barefoot with a natural trim and boots for riding, is not without its twists, turns and bumps in the road. A professional trimmer working in Delaware for six years specialized in teaching owners, mostly women, to trim their personal horse(s). He quickly learned that in addition to teaching them to trim, he had to prepare the owners for issues they might face, if transitioning to bare feet were to be successful.




Sore footed horses will point their toes and keep pressure off the heel on tough terrain.



Some Challenges to be Aware Of:

  1. Criticism
  2. Soundness
  3. Chipping of the hoof wall
  4. Abscesses
  5. Rehabbing cracks, holes and other deformities
  6. Concerns post-rehab
  7. Building a strong back-of-footThis fabulous in depth post is well worth a read in full. Read the complete article here.

The Wides Have Arrived

Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the Easyboot Glove WIDES have made their appearance!

The EasyBoot Glove with power straps and gaiter.

I hope that people take the time to really measure, or even better, order a fit kit. I have a sneaking suspicion that many people are just going to purchase the size they normally use, only in the Wides, which will most definitely not work! I think it’s better to treat them like a totally new boot style and go through the steps you would go through when ordering something completely new. Measure after a fresh trim, order a fit kit and be prepared to use your tape and Powerstraps. I also hope that people don’t overlook or excuse flares or stretched white line that can cause the illusion of a wide foot.
While there is no one boot that will fit all horses, the Glove WIDE is another EXCELLENT addition to an already awesome line-up of boots. I would have to hedge my bets that with every new boot offered by EasyCare, there are fewer and fewer horses that boots don’t or wouldn’t work for. Thank you, EasyCare, for giving us yet ANOTHER option for booting our horses!!


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