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Firehorse Inspirations with Michelle Dennis

FirehorseDVDThis is a DVD that challenges us to think about what we do with horses, and why, and poses the question ‘What’s in if for the horse?’

Michelle and her team of horses, ponies, and donkeys give you a more than a glimpse at the possibilities when you take the time to really listen to what the horses want.
Horses are capable of understanding and doing much more if given the opportunity. With a little imagination, a few verbal and visual cues, and a few minutes a day with a heart-mind connection, the possibilities are endless.

This is a beautifully and professionally presented DVD with over 100 minutes of inspiration and insight into how much fun you can have with horses.

It is introduced and interspersed with thought-provoking philosophies and questions from Michelle – my favorite being “Horses are masters at discerning energy and thoughts – all we have to do is master our energy and thoughts”.

Michelle shows the results of her training her herd at liberty using minimal tools, and how that progresses to riding bareback, bitless, and bridleless.

The footage was filmed over the changing seasons at Michelle’s property, showing you how healthy equines share herd life and time with Michelle.

When you get your copy, remember to watch the ‘Exceptional extras’ available at the end. It shows the horses at play, grooming, feeding, and resting, giving insights into herd behavior with a diverse bunch of equines.

This is a DVD for those who want to blaze their own trails….. with happy horses.

Every copy you purchase goes towards the upkeep of rescued equines and educating people about the possibilities with horses. They are now available from Firehorse Inspirations.

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