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New Super Tough Round Bale Hay Nets

Happy ponies with their 6cm Round Bale Haysaver Net.
Happy ponies with their 6cm Round Bale Haysaver Net.

Do you have destructive horses?  We have a solution – the new Super Tough 6cm Round Bale Hay Net – the first Australian design and the best!

In response to customer demand, we’ve increased the strength of our round bale 6cm hole nets from a 48 ply twine to a 60 ply twine.

This much thicker netting will stand up to more aggressive feeding from horses who experience frustration when presented with a netted bale of hay.

Frustration can be caused by a number of issues:

  • Hunger – always feed loose hay for the first few times when introducing a round bale net.
  • Too many horses – if you have more than 4 horses to a round bale, the lower ranking horses won’t get to the hay as often, and therefore try to eat as quickly as possible.
  • Hay is too stalky – cereal hay like oaten, or even first cut lucerne can have thicker, tougher stalks so grasping them through a net is a little more challenging.
  • Poor quality hay – when hay changes to an older, drier, perhaps mouldy or off smelling bale, horses will pick the best parts of the bale, and may tear at the net to more easily access these.

Tip: Check your net twice daily and if you find a hole in your net, mend it immediately so the horses don’t learn to benefit from making them!
Warning: the 6cm hole netting is not recommended at all for any foal under 6 months, especially minis as they may get a hoof caught in the netting.

The 6cm (2.5″) hole size nets are ideal for containing round bales and reducing waste. They are great for starting horses off with slowfeeding, and for older horses or those not needing any feed restriction. We highly recommend the 6cm Super Tough Round Bale Haysavers if you are feeding stalky, lucerne or cereal hay like oaten.

7 Top Reasons to use Round Bale hay nets

Oaten hay is best fed from 6cm round bale hay nets.
Oaten hay is best fed from a 6cm round bale net.
  1. Stops hay wastage from trampling in mud, manure, urine, being blown away etc.
  2. Slows down consumption and replicates grazing.
  3. Suitable to use without another hay feeder for a natural grazing position, and can reduce the incidence of choke (provided your horse is barefoot or is over 6 months old – small hooves may get caught in the net).
  4. Gives your horse hay 24/7, saving you time on re-fills and keeps your horse calmer and happier.
  5. Hay in the gut 24/7 avoids gut ulcers and colic incidents and allows horses to regulate their consumption so they eventually eat less.
  6. Older horses find it easier to chew small amounts of hay taken from the net.
  7. Avoid eye injuries from horses putting their heads inside a round bale, or from tossing loose hay about.

These tough nets are made to last from durable, pre-stretched, UV stabilised, heavy duty 60 ply polyethylene netting ( that is used in the marine industry) with a sturdy 6mm drawstring. They come in 4×4′ and 5×4′ sizes and XL Square bale size.  See more info and purchase yours here.

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