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In operation since 2005, the sanctuary is based in Highbury – two hours south east of Perth, Western Australia. The equine residents are a mixture of rescued, retired and unwanted animals.

Chief guardian, Alan Gent, says “Our challenge has been to alter their flat dull eyes due to neglect and mistreatment, to eyes that are bright and happy, and to give the horse the quality of life it deserves.
Upon regaining the brightness and softness in their eyes, we do our utmost to maintain their recovery.
We endeavor to carry out the following:

1.   First and foremost the horse should feel safe and secure every day.

2.   To be able to graze freely and enjoy a balanced, formulated natural food product, collated to each individual horse. Upon eating this supplied food the horse is not affected in any way by the pecking order, it eats and digests it’s food in a quiet and peaceful manner.

Everyone receives daily checks and grooming.

3.   A constant supply of fresh drinking water.

4.   The availability of shelter from the elements, either built structure or trees.

5.   To enjoy the freedom of bare hooves with regular trimming to correct toe and heel lengths.

6.   Dental work every twelve months, six monthly if required to repair inherited long standing damage.

7.   Regular exercise in accordance to health, age and ability of the horse.

8.   To be wormed on a regular basis according to the seasons.

9.   Horses to be rugged during the cold and wet seasons, especially for those who are old or sick.

10.  Fly veils worn at all times during the fly season.

11.  Regular checks for injuries during the daily grooming which is given in love, care and respect.

12.  To restore and aid the self esteem of these damaged horses, removal of all manure from pens and stable yards to be done daily.

To achieve all of this takes time and money, and Calan Horse Sanctuary is very grateful to those who have provided items such as horse rugs, feed and time. If you are interested in donating or knowing more about this forever home for horses, please visit the website

If you know of a horse rescue operation or organisation that would like their work highlighted, please contact Cynthia using the email form at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Debbie sivadass

    I would like to know more please of rescuing horses from being slaughtered.
    How can I help .

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