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Bareback Bridleless and free!

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The young lady in this video comments:

This is in an open field with no neck rope. The horse is an Appendix QH, so he’s got some speed. We’re just starting work on lead changes, you can see he’s often late to switch behind. This is our first time galloping bareback/ bridleless. All clips in this video come from the same day, during a 45-min ride.
I’ve gotten a few questions on this: no, we don’t do Parelli. I’ve done endurance and dressage and recently got interested in reining, and started trying Monty bareback/ bridleless to see how my balance and cues were related to reining. I haven’t given him much formal training, so this was just for fun. Too much of this wouldn’t be a good idea for either of us, and I don’t suggest others try riding this way unless you’re very comfortable with your horse and with basic training concepts. That said, it’s a blast and a great way to test aids/communication.
He is trained from the ground up. Didn’t get him until he was 4 though, so he had a late start. He had a lot of fear to work through in starting, so we went fairly slowly. Because he can still be a nervous horse (truly, though I know it doesn’t show in the video) he has really enjoyed the tack-less work, as it doesn’t allow the rider to cheat and rush.

Just goes to show when you have great relationship, a great seat and no fear you can have this sort of freedom.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. Jen Broughan

    This is incredible. I love how the other horses and dogs in the field go about thier business- everyone is calm and secure. Hats off to that young lady!

  2. Wow!!! If I was half as good at “being at one” with my horse with all the gear I would be delighted. What an inspiration! I have always loved the quote “when you take away all the equipment you are left with the truth”…this is certainly the case with this clip. Nice! thanks for sharing. Cheers Kelly

  3. Caroline

    What a refreshing and inspiring experience! Thanks for sharing.

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