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Jenny Pearce – Happiness and Wellbeing for Horse and Rider

I recently re-connected with Jenny Pearce, a friend from way back, a healer extraordinaire and a fantastic teacher.

Jenny Pearce and Bobby, her greatest teacher.
Jenny Pearce and Bobby, her greatest teacher.

Jenny’s passion for helping people and horses was  so evident during our conversation that as I learned more about what she is now teaching, I’m inspired to share her gifts and wisdom.

As an example, watch and read one of her latest blog posts showing incredible physical changes due to the emotional changes of the student and her horse called Pye. (Warning: have a tissue handy!)

And while not all of us, but possibly most of us need healing, there is always more to learn about ourselves and the way we can interact with our horses.

This is where Jenny’s online programs come to the fore and she has several to offer depending on your interests and needs.

Personally, I’d be doing them all because they are brilliant! And they are affordable – in fact for less than the cost of most private lessons, you get a whole course of 20 individual lessons to work through with Jenny available to assist with queries and feedback. You also get to join a special community of like minded horse people via the student forum and monthly live seminars, with extra lessons and support.

For starters the 9 Keys to Happiness with your Horse is free – and a great way to get a feel for Jenny’s teaching style (I could listen to her voice forever!). We all want to know the keys to happiness

such as:

  • An introduction to your feel, connection and communication
  • Understanding your horse’s fear and anxiety
  • Understanding the source of our nerves and how to deal with them
  • Understanding how your horse reacts under pressure
  • Getting creative about motivating your horse
  • Leadership around food

When you are ready to really learn some great stuff, have a look at A Foundation for Riding Excellence which  combines cutting edge sports psychology with down to earth methods that phenomenally speed up learning to be a really good rider. Here you will find 20 lessons (some are audio and some are video) that will will enable you to slow down and focus only on yourself – you won’t have the distraction of your horse for this all important work to release all the resistances and stuck spots in your body, release the old injuries and get your joints open and ready to flow with the movement of your horse.

And for the ultimate way to improve your horsemanship go to the Fast Track for Brilliant Riding – a subscription course (with small weekly payments, or a reduced lump sum) that has 80 lessons encompassing much of the knowledge Jenny has learned in her  lifetime around horses and healing modalities.
I better mention Jenny is also a qualified Homeopath, Advanced Kinesiologist, Bowen Therapist and Reiki Master along with having many other healing skills you can read about on her  Happiness and Wellbeing for Horse and Rider website.

Scroll down the About Us page to get a real feel for Jenny’s abilities – and how she can help you. With the “Love this program or get your money back” guarantee you can safely invest in your education.

These skills have enabled Jenny to put together a Colic Attack First Aid program so you can feel calm and confident enough to deal with a potentially life threatening emergency.
Jenny will teach you the mental, emotional and physical techniques she uses to achieve her 100% success rate in helping horses with colic for more than 20 years.
These techniques will help you to relieve your horse’s pain and calm your horse (and yourself) while you wait for the vet. You may well find that you are able to cancel the vet.

Colic Attack First Aid is a life saving program that contains 12 lessons, PLUS Bonus PDF “Causes and Prevention of Colic” + Live Seminar + Feedback and Support + Instant and Lifetime Access.

I highly recommend Jenny’s programs because you will get more than your money’s worth.  With lifetime online access so you can work at your own pace, both you and your horse will benefit forever.

2 thoughts on “Jenny Pearce – Happiness and Wellbeing for Horse and Rider”

  1. Sue Edebohls

    Hi Cynthia,
    Great to read your testimonial for Jenny’s website , I have both of her online programs as well as attended a clinic , amazing stuff. Not surprised you are friends your philosophies seem very similar, it is so good to find like minded horse people.

    1. Cynthia

      Hi Sue,
      wonderful to hear you have experienced Jenny’s teaching and yes, we are very like-minded 🙂 We first met at the Parelli International Study centre and then Jenny came to Tassie to do some workshops. She is a wonderful mentor!

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