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Radius Rasp makes hoof trimming easier

I became aware of the Radius Rasp by Evolutionary Hoofcare recently, and after a few months of trying it, I loved it so much I decided to stock them.radiusrasp2hand

The Radius Rasp has passed my ‘Horse Endorsed’ product testing by being a tool that works well for horses and their people, assists with natural horse care, and is a quality product.

There are many things to love about this handy little tool:

  • It’s small enough to operate with one hand so you can hold the hoof with the other hand rather than between your legs.
  • It has an ergonomic grip and a durable plastic handle.
  • The blade is made from solid stainless steel so no rust, and it’s replaceable.
  • There’s a strong magnet inside to stick it to your hoof stand.
  • It has a lifetime warranty!
Radius Rasp
The Radius Rasp makes rasping single-handed easy.

What I love most is the wonderful job it does of rounding the hoof wall to create the mustang roll (or Brumby roll if you’re in Australia).
Before using this tool it always took me a lot of rasp work to get the rounded edge right, and then if I did it from the bottom of the hoof, when I changed to rasping from the top invariably the roll became a pointy edge again!

With the Radius Rasp, you can work from the top or bottom of the hoof and it’s all done in one easy action. You don’t have to be incredibly conscious of how you hold the blade to get a good result because of its curved shape.

I’ve also found the roll lasts incredibly well between trims – no more cracked or chipped hooves for a month or more.

Although I tried both the Radius Rasp 1 and Pro 2, I found the Pro 2 got the job done faster for less effort. If you wanted a super smooth finish, or like rasping your horse’s hooves every week then the No. 1 will be fine, but with 15 horses I like to trim the least number of times possible, and be as quick as possible!

Some may wonder how it’s different from the Riders Rasp – or get them confused. The Riders Rasp (which I haven’t used but I’ve researched) has 2 flat rasp blades fitted at right angles into the plastic handle. It’s described as a ’rounding tool’ for touch-ups between trims and doesn’t take as much hoof wall off.

The Radius Rasp has a curved blade and is a professional hoof care tool that produces a true ‘roll’ on the edge of the hoof wall. I find I’m only using my flat rasp now to level up the heels, then finish the job with the Radius Rasp quickly and efficiently.

Here’s a video of the Radius Rasp in action.

YouTube player

I think they’re the perfect tool for owners to keep their horse’s hooves in shape, and round off any chipped edges in between professional trims.

If you’d like to try one, we have them in stock in the Natural Horse World Store.

I love my Radius Rasp and now I wouldn’t be without one!

Radius Rasp hooves
The radius rasp after working on my mule’s hind hooves.

4 thoughts on “Radius Rasp makes hoof trimming easier”

    1. Cynthia

      Hi Lorraine, the link to purchase should be working now and yes we do post to Ireland.

  1. Evelyn

    Thank you for your comment on the radius rasp, just what i needed to make up my mind, did you try or research anything else from these makers ?

    1. Cynthia

      Hi Evelyn,
      Yes I tried the Radius Rasp 1 and the Hoof Buffer Pro which are both well made products that would suit the professional or owner looking for a finer, smoother finish to their hooves. I’m currently trying the Bar and Sole Rasp so will be writing about that in the near future. I like to test all the products I sell to be sure they are useful to the horse owner, and good for the horses of course!

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