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Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

by Amelia Kincade

This book is an in depth look at communicating with animals by using and developing our natural ability to use intuition. The stories of Amelia’s own experiences are intriguing and she details some wonderful meditational exercises to help us get in touch with and listen to our pets, including our horses.
How many times have you said to your horse “If only you could tell me what’s wrong?”
Well, here is a book that will lead you to the answers if you’re willing to practice and to trust your intuition.
However, I feel the most valuable piece of information in this book is learning that animals can tune into our thoughts and will act accordingly. True unity with horses happens when we think something and our horse does it without us physically having to cue him/her. Many top horsemen experience this feeling of being incredibly in tune with their horse… it feels so good to just thik stop and your horse is sliding before you even lift the rein, or you think “I’ll canter when we reach that marker and your horse does it before you even lift your energy.
Unfortunately this can happen in a negative way too and cause problems to occur, such as when a rider fearful of cantering thinks “I hope he doesn’t buck” and the horse only hears the word ‘buck’ so obliges. If we can think of positive outcomes, it will not only boost our confidence but your horse will also really understand what you want.
In this example, if the rider thinks ‘Lets have a nice flowing, easy going canter’ they are more likely to get exactly that from the horse.

So… next time you pull your horse up for anticipating…. watch your thoughts!!

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