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The World Bitless Association – helping all horses

Since the World Bitless Association was officially launched In October 2018, it has attracted thousands of followers.  Their worldwide representation includes vets, trainers, instructors and behaviourists who are focused on equine welfare.
Their training methods are based on sound science, (learning theory) compassion and adherence to the principles of LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive).

This not-for-profit organisation aims to bring about change to the rules around bridles that discriminate against bitless riders from competing in many FEI linked organisations worldwide.

Their aims are to raise the standard of equine welfare across the board by promoting higher standards of empathy in training, riding and keeping horses.

Bitless Campaigns:

The Why Not Bitless-Rosettes Campaign has recognised Bitless Ambassadors by awarding rosettes to riders using bitless bridles for competing in any discipline.

It’s been pleasing to see the riders from all over the world sending in their photos from wins or placings in many different events. From in-hand classes to horse agility, western shows, endurance, hacking, working equitation, horseback archery and eventing.

The World Bitless Ambassadors were awarded earlier this year for their major contribution to promoting equine welfare and furthering Bitless.
Karen Inkster and Connie from Ireland were awarded the 2018/19 Champion Ambassador Rosette and Dawn Westcott with Monsieur Chapeau (UK) were runners up.

Future Events:

To encourage more people to try riding bitless the association has designated a World Bitless Horse Day for September the 7th, 2019. There will be events planned for all around the world and everyone is invited to participate, either by hosting an event or participating in one. Find out more here.

To enable this progressive association to continue the campaign for bitless equality and raising the standards of horse training, please support us by joining here.

Or make a donation to help us pursue Equality for all Bitless Riders worldwide.

Find out more at or the Facebook page:


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