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Even though we don’t get a lot of ticks in Tasmania, a friend reminded me recently that they can be a problem if undetected. While the paralysis tick is supposed to only live around the Scottsdale area, horses are being affected by ticks in other areas too. These could be the common bush ticks or maybe the paralysis ticks are spreading with the warmer climate?

If your horse seems a bit listless or isn’t behaving normally, check them all over thoroughly for ticks, especially in the hard to see places like around the sheath or the udder. If you find one, they are usually easy to pull out if you do it quickly, grasping it’s head or close to the head. Don’t apply things like metho to kill it, as this will not only sting the horse, but cause the tick to burrow in further. Read some  veterinary advice about ticks here.

In hot climates, ticks can be a constant problem and they will kill horses that become infested, especially foals and miniature ponies.  Even though horses do build up some resistance to ticks over time, they can affect their condition and quality of life. While there are many chemical sprays and wipes available, most need daily application. For those who can’t visit their horse daily, the Gone Horse Collar provides the ideal way of protecting your horse 24/7 in the most natural way possible.

The Gone collar is worn high on the neck and can also be plaited into the tail.

Gone Insect Collars

These safe easily released if caught plastic collars are a good solution if you want 24 hour whole body coverage. The collar is long enough to wear high around the neck with the remaining length cut off and plaited into the trail. They will repel ticks, sand flies and mosquitoes.

  • All Natural break-away horse collar fits all sizes
  • Creates a protective vapour barrier
  • Assists in repelling ticks, flies and mosquitoes for up to 30 days of constant use
  • Water resistant
  • Active ingredient is double strength Peppermint oil
  • Approved by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Authority

“The first collar seems to be working no ticks on this horse and I only have it around his neck, 24 hours a day. The other 2 horses are still getting the ticks.” Merrell, QLD.

“When they are around the legs they are excellent at keeping Bots off.  The bot flies would buzz around and would not land anywhere on the legs, they were great.” Kylie H. Vic.

Read a comprehensive product review here or purchase one from the Natural Horse World Store.

If you have any good recipes for an insect repellent that really works, please comment below.

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