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Easy ways to learn hoof care


Hoof Trimming Made EasyHave you ever wanted to learn how to trim your horse’s hooves or keep them tidy between farrier visits?
But don’t know where to start? Here are some suggestions, narrowed down from the vast number of courses.

Online learning is a great place to start. When you’ve got the basics solid in your mind, attending a live course can help take your skills to the next level.

The Best Online Hoof Care Course

Hoof Trimming Made Easy is in my opinion, the easiest online hoof-care course and it’s inexpensive – under $100! Students of the course are getting great results and feel confident to trim on their own.

When it comes to traditional face-to-face training, the principle of maintenance hoof trimming is easy to grasp and execute. So how do the team at Wild About Hooves deliver their online hoof care course?
How do students learn it themselves where they are not physically present to perform practical exercises?
Course teachers, Jen Clingly and Jeremy Ford give you 4 important tips to make the most of your learning to help you get the most out of this online course.
Their other course offering is all about Understanding Hoof Pathologies – ideal to continue with your learning about equine hooves.

When you’re ready to do a live course, check here for a Wild About Hooves course in your area of Australia.

Hoof Help Online

Hoof Help OnlineMany people are familiar with The Horse’s Hoof, a quarterly magazine and website that covers all things barefoot. The Horse’s Hoof was created in 2000 by hoof care professional James Welz and his wife Yvonne.
The Welz’s hope that Hoof Help Online will educate and inspire horse owners looking for advice and assistance with barefoot trimming.

“For only $20 per month, horse owners have access to hoof-care theory, how-to trimming instructions, photos, videos, and a member’s only forum.
Hoof Help Online has over 50 articles, 70 photo pages, 15 presentations, and 15 videos.
We even have an interactive file: a 3-D Coffin Bone the viewer can turn so it can be viewed from every direction.” says Yvonne.

“On the first day of each month, we will add a variety of new articles, photos, presentations, videos, Q&A, etc. The forum will provide the opportunity for us to get constant feedback from our members, and allow us to guide them in understanding and applying our trimming system.
Teaching is always a two-way street. We welcome people from every background and experience level.

Hoof Help Online is here to show you what we do and why and then encourage you to develop your own thoughts and ideas.
We want hoof care to evolve, for the good of the horse. ”
For more information and to become a member visit Hoof Help Online.

Pete Ramey DVD’s and book

Pete’s Ramey’s DVDs at are a fantastic learning resource that covers many and varied hoof-care topics in depth.
Topics include Hoof Rehab, Hoof Pathologies, trimming Donkey, Draft, and Thoroughbred hooves.
I highly recommend investing in these as there’s nothing like the book and videos to refer to over and over again.

Hoof trimmer
Learn the theory first, then how to trim your own horse.

Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot
Is one of the most comprehensive textbooks on hoof care written by Pete Ramey and a team of contributing authors.
This is the most information-dense book I have ever seen, with a huge amount of color-illustrated content packed into it!
It has the most up-to-date information and research for any trimmer, amateur or professional.

For more ideas and information on learning hoof care, read this post.

If you find yourself asking ‘What is the right way to trim my horse?’ given all these choices, this perspective from the Scoot Boots blog may also help.

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