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Through The Eyes Of The Horse With Carlos Tabernaberri

If you have read Carlos’ book of the same name as the DVD – Through The Eyes of The Horse, or attended one of his clinics or lessons, you will find this DVD a valuable reference.
Carlos shows you his principles of Trust, Obedience and Respect with the first 91 minute DVD covering the fundamentals of groundwork.

DVD 2 runs for 86 minutes and shows the applications of these fundamentals right through to the basics of riding. It’s good to see Carlos demonstrating with horses that are not polished, so the viewer can see how to deal with issues as they present.
The film and sound quality are excellent as is the content according to the following testimonials;

“I got the DVD on Friday and watched the first one on Friday night. I loved it !!!!!!!!! I was very impressed that on the dvd, you use horses that had the problem you were explaining how to fix. This shows your confidence in your ability and also helps the person watching it, to relate and improve their skills. I’m half way through the 2nd dvd and hope to be able to get my horse floating well and being a good boy by June. Thanks again.” Katrina
“Have watched your DVD again, and I feel compelled to say more about it.
It really is an exceptional production in many ways. What struck me was how all aspects of the DVD, from the footage of you riding in the bush, to the music, to the voice overs, to you training the horses, all showed you living your philosophy, it was very unified and cohesive. What also came across strongly for me was seeing life from the horses perspective and the importance of a change in ourselves if we want to improve our relationship with our horses, not just trying a new technique, and that came across clearly when you were training the horses.
It was so unrehearsed, so honest, so from the heart, the voice overs in particular when you are riding in the bush. I have got so much already from listening to you. You have captured and portrayed the essence of your philosophy and ‘good horsemanship’. Congratulations to you and Marty!” Patsy.
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