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Brumby Outback Tour with Wild About Hooves

Curious Brumbies get up close.

For all those who would love to see horses in the wild, especially if you’re studying or interested in barefoot or horse behavior, this is the holiday for you. Or for those who would like to be part of a true outback camping experience like no other, make this your winter .

The ‘Wild Horse Adventure’ is on Fri 25th May – Mon 28th May 2012.

For those keen to observe Australian Brumbies in their natural habitats in outback Northern Territory then this trip is a must. There is so much to be learnt from observation of the wild horses and their relevance to our domestic equines.

Living examples will cement all your beliefs that horses don’t need metal shoes. This is a rare chance to study our wild horses and gain understanding of their hardiness especially their tough sound hooves.

Camp under the stars and enjoy meals in the harsh yet spectacular environment that causes the production of these incredible hooves. To see more pics and all the details go to:

New LightRider Cotton reins now in stock.

Black Cotton Reins

For those who like a softer thicker flat rein. These quality stitched & woven cotton reins are 3cm – 1 1/4″ wide and are very comfy to hold. They also have buckled ends so you can replace a rein clip if it breaks, or buckle them onto your existing clips or bridle.

Available in 3 sizes: Cob (2.6m/100″), Full (3m/118″) and W’blood/Draft (3.6m/142″) and two colours: Black and dark brown with brass or stainless steel rein clips.

New chinstrap design for LightRider Bridles.

It’s been a while since the basic design of the LightRider Bitless bridle has changed, and now an improved version of the chinstrap is being phased in.
This new easier system for fastening the chinstrap has 2 rings that make the strap is infinitely adjustable. The rings can never come off if the strap is removed (so you don’t lose a vital part) and the strap is very secure. It looks neat too when all the keepers are in place.

For those who use their bitless bridle on a variety of horses this will make adjustment faster and simpler. If you would like to purchase a new chinstrap, please email me to be notified when they are in stock.

The Best Bareback Pad is coming in colours!

Get ready for purple, blue, pink and green colors to complement the black and brown real suede. They will be here in time for Equitana. In the meantime, click here to check out all the great features of the best bareback pad for the money.

Huggs give the haynet a real workout

Slow Feeder Haynet Feedback:

“I am really plesed with the net,  Surprised how well it has stood up to the teeth – Huggs is a destroyer and no other horse could road test it like him.
Tonto and Belle (RSPCA  ponies) have their diet portion hay in the small bale net and it works really well. It was tried by the girls too – she destroys bales looking for something at the bottom and poos and wees all over it —— stops all that waste and also all of it being trampled.” Vicki B. Tasmania

Click here to see more info on the Slowfeeder Haynets.

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