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Hoof Prints more stories from Proud Spirit

by Melanie Sue Bowles

If you want some holiday reading that warms your heart and emotions then this is the book.
Melanie Sue Bowles along with her husband, Jim, is the founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, now located in Mena, Arkasas. It is one of the longest exisiting, privately run sanctuaries for horses in the USA. Over 150 abused, neglected, elderly and unwanted horses have come there to live out their lives in peace and safety.
Melanie’s fist book ‘The Horses of Proud Spirit’, introduced readers to the early herd members and the stories of how they came to be with her.
This book continues to tell heart warming and heart breaking stories as more new horses find their way to Proud Spirit, so many in fact that a move to a larger property was required.
I loved reading about all the individual characters and how they taught Melanie more about horse relationships than most of us would ever realise horses are capable of.
You can purchase her books from knowing that the proceeds help this self funded sanctuary to keep providing a wonderful natural herd based life for many horses in need.

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